What to do with ripe bananas?

13 Nov

We’ve all been there, a few bananas that ripening to mush and no one wants to eat them. It’s a waste to throw perfectly good bananas away. But what to do with those remaining stragglers ripening to oblivion on the kitchen counter that does not involve making a batch of either banana bread or banana muffins? Here are a few great inspiration from the blogsphere.

Banana Bites! A Good Way to Clean Out Your Pantry | The Kitchn.

Chilled and bite sized banana treat.


Chocolate Banana Pops

An iced banana Popsicle.


Banana Bread and Butter Pudding| The Guardian

A quintessential British dessert!


Banana-Coconut Packets | Saveur

Coconut cream, sticky rice, and bananas are tucked inside banana leaves and steamed together for a pudding-like dessert.


Fried Bananas (Kluai Khaek) | Saveur

A Thai snack dessert.

Kluai Khaek

All comments welcomed

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